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Interns and Animation
A Bridge Leads from One World to the Next, from 'Un autre monde; transformations, visions, incarnations' by Grandville, J. J. (1844)

Well, my reassignment of duties (sabbatical) to work on the edit is done. I'm still behind, but I'm making my peace with it. So that's some kind of catching up, right?

More important, my hope for one or two interns to work on the film for credit has blossomed to five! Yeah. I'm a little nervous.

Hamilton and I are furiously shooting drafts of footage and testing out ideas to get some actual structure and footage in this thing, while the interns have finished pouring over this website and are now watching the latest draft of the film.

So the next couple of blog posts will be dedicated to them, my interns! And hopefully by the time you've met them, I'll actually have some short clips of their work to share.

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