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Five-hour rough cut. Step by step, inch by inch.

Halloween came and went for my family, and still I edited. I've got the beasty down to five hours, ninteen minutes. So, if I cut it in half every time, I've got two more rounds of this. Ham keeps asking, "Are you going Ken Burns on me?" No, Ham. No I am not. This is going to be a lean, mean machine. Paradoxically, while there's less and less footage to cut down, it also gets harder to cut. Removing 'big chunks' begins to really change the shape of the overall work. There are still redundancies I can get rid of, but not as many.

I hate to say it, there are a few interview subjects who just aren't going to make the final edit, although their interviews are still deeply informing how I edit the overall work. It's challenging that way, because not only do I value those subjects for their time, but I value their research and contributions to their respective fields. These things happen, it's just frustrating.

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