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First Video!

Here's the 'short' promotional video for Familiar Shapes. As #JeffMurphy says, 'I can't believe it's six minutes.' I know. Long.

But this is going to be a feature, y'all. Since I've started hustling for grants and funding, and don't have interviews yet, I really needed to hunker down and filmsplain.

It was a little hacker, I won't lie. There I was in my office, wishing I had a selfie stick to push reach the white balance buttons, losing my sh*t when I realized I'd moved so much that Camera B was out of focus for the second half, the unlosing my sh*t when I realized my audio was good.

And editing it felt ... really good. For the first time I started to see something, started to realize, Yeah, this is a thing! Making a documentary feature feels like a lesson in imposter syndrome. And this promo doesn't shake that, trust me. The animations are just place holders, all the b-roll are placeholders, even my self-interview is a placeholder, because I don't have any footage or animations yet. But in editing I felt more assured that my concept can carry itself.

This is a tricky documentary, because it's dealing with topics that are so distant from the human interest docs I love so much. And yet both bots and familiars have everything to do with human behavior. It's a scary line for me to walk as a filmmaker.

But if it were easy, it wouldn't be worth it, right?


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