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Animatics in Santa Fe

Tomorrow @murphydigitalart and I are leaving our month-long residency at the @santafeartinstitute to work our way back to home-sweet-home Charlotte. Officially, Jeff and I were working on project about climate change and misinfo, but I also used the month to haul ass on the animatic. I'm happy to say, seven months later, I have the animatic is done and Hamilton and I will sit down over whiskey to hash out the rough parts. But I'm finally ready to work on the digital puppets and have a better feel for the whole monster.

Still from the animatic and a study in a couple of different design approaches.

The Santa Fe Art Institute (SFAI) is a pretty amazing place, partly for the crazy campus (long story, I'll spare you, but I had an socially awkward moment with a coyote one morning) and largely because of the amazing artists we met this month. The July residency is dedicated to artists with kids, and I really hope more residencies get on board with this. Jeff and I haven't been able to do a residency since before Quinn was born because so few residencies allow children. And ageism is somehow totally acceptable when it comes to many artist residencies and art prizes. So this residency by SFAI is a rare gift.

We really enjoyed getting to know all the artists and their kids, and Quinn bonded hard with the tween boys of Emily Neufeld and Jules Koostachin. While we're all pretty homesick after a month and a half away, I know Quinn is going to miss the boys.

But no worries. The Canadians have already planned next summer's road trip to Vancouver for us!

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