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1 hour 22 minutes! We have arrived!

This last cut isn't done yet, but it's getting really close. (Just in time for the animation interns I have lined up for January.)

I had a (nerve wrecking) meeting with Ham (the Director of Photography) where we threw back whiskey at the Broken Spoke here in Charlotte as he watched the 1 hour 40 minute rough cut and called out time codes for me to cut. My gut told me to cut some sections, but I just wasn't sure, and I was so close to the content, I honestly wasn't confident any of it would make any sense. But Ham gave me great feedback, and I cut some things, kept others, and moved a lot of chunks around.

I'm taking breaks from editing to do design studies of the familiar/bots for the animated sequences. I'm not really sold on much, but I'm pretty sure it will stay 2D (or 2.5D) and not 3D. Still, I did a test with a very polygon-ish 3D coyote, just to see what might happen, and it's pretty gross IMHO. But it got me re-thinking about print media, paper, and the planar qualities of the medium and I've got some more tests cooking. More soon hopefully!

More polygon coyotes.

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