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Re-visiting the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic

I had the honor of speaking about Familiar Shapes at the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic's annual conference. The conference is themed around the Museum's themed exhibition, and this year's is Betwixt and Between: Isobel Gowdie, The Witch of Auldearn. Gowdie's trial records are rich with fairies, familiars, the devil, and all kinds of fascinating things and the conference was great. I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. John Callow and Dr. Alexander Cummins speak again. I met lots of new people, too, fascinating scholars, both established and emerging, including Samual Gillis Hogan. (Next film, Samual!)

It was also wonderful to get a little more time with Simon Costin, Director of the Museum and an absolutely fascinating person, artist, designer, and scholar. I'm looking forward to getting Simon to Charlotte some day to talk to our students about art, design, folklore, and all things betwixt and between.

Meanwhile, I'm still plodding away on the animatics. It's a painfully slow process for me in the best of circumstances, but classes and committee work made it even slower this spring. Still, there's a little bit of a light at the end of that tunnel.

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