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Be warned, there's a ton of blog posts coming up soon.

I've been in Boscastle, Cornwall since May 8th, interviewing historians during a conference at the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic, where I'm also conducting research for Familiar Shapes and a (very informal) artist residency because I still actually make plastic art once in a while.

It's been pretty go-go-go since I got here, and mostly I've been posting lovely sunsets and the like on Instagram. But as you may be able to tell, I've been conducting a bunch of interviews (for which I'll make blog posts... although I'm afraid I'm forgetting to do selfies of all of them.)

I've also started some photogrammetry of the museum's collection. This is a new skill for me (one I clearly need to practice), but HOLY CANNOLI I cannot imagine a more amazing collections of objects and artefacts from which to create textured 3D models. *Swoon.*

In the meantime, here's some foggy b-roll. (You're welcome, Ham.)

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