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First episodes of 'Familiar Shapes'

The first six episodes of the Familiar Shapes podcast are done and the first four are live! It's at the edge of 300 downloads which is modest, I know, but -- to me it's huge. I've worked on this project since late 2016 and it's wild to finally have it 'out into the wild'.

Is it the feature film for which I was planning? No. But in many ways, I already feel like this is a much stronger presentation of the material. Time will tell if the podcast maintains an audience or can grow one, but I'm optimistic right now! If you jump over to the Podcasts page, you'll find direct downloads to the podcast, but also links to Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, etc. It's on most podcast platforms so just search for Familiar Shapes under the podcasts of your preferred platform. If you want to listen and can't find it, shoot me an email!

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Full film of 'Familiar Shapes' available for all

New Moon, New Month, and the full "Familiar Shapes" film (20 minutes) is now public! Watch it on Vimeo here or YouTube here This is CC-BY-NC-SA

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