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Intern Profile - Nathanael C. McCain

After a busy week (and a really fun night at the McColl Center for Art + Innovation) I'm back to writing, shooting, drawing, animating, and posting intern profiles!

Nate McCain

Nathanael C. McCain (born 1996) is currently a fifth year senior at UNC Charlotte. He is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a focus in Digital Media, as well as a minor in Art History. Nathanael has exhibited work in two shows, both in the Rowe Arts Galleries: a fibers assemblage in the exhibition Weave It to Me, and a short film about youth recreational basketball in Charlotte in the exhibition Mechanical Eye.

Despite having a myriad of skills, Nathanael McCain focuses his creative energy toward animation (particularly 2D) and illustration. Nathanael describes himself as a storyteller, and is developing scripts for numerous animated shorts, as well as working as an intern for Heather D. Freeman’s feature documentary Familiar Shapes.

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