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Giving Back to the Web

Like many of you, I've relied on the web for learning new skills, honing old skills, and cute cat pictures. I've long adored the open, democratic sharing of knowledge on the web, and have been maintaining (off and on) Open Art Lab, which I keep video tutorials for my UNC Charlotte students, but also make them available to whoever stumbles upon them.

I'd like to do the same with this film production. Although I've been working in moving imagery since I was a teenager in the early '90s at Montgomery High School, this is my first feature-length film, and only my second documentary. (And the first is lost to history, I'm afraid. It was a long time ago.) I've spoken with a number of amazing filmmakers and have learned a lot from them, two key points being: we, as filmmakers, are in this together and you never stop feeling like you're failing.

So to encourage other filmmakers (on the assumption that I won't actually 'fail'), I'll post tips, tricks, and art-maker therapy here. If you ever want me to talk about a particular topic, just shoot me an email at and if I have some experience with it, I'll make a post.

That's it, fair readers. Go forth and make movies.

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